Award Winning

Designs | Websites | Writing

By Bennett Arts

Our focus

Artistry and Innovation "Leading By Design"

What we do

Bennett Arts is a full-service digital media production company.

We'll build your brand with compelling storytelling and coordinated messaging. Our award-winning writers and designers will enhance your marketing materials and visual presentations with intelligence and style.

Bennett Arts can improve your corporate website (or build you a better one!), coordinate your social media efforts and more.

But our #1 job is communicating your brand values. They are the glue that cements customer loyalty, satisfaction and engagement.

Here's how we use various types of media to help you communicate these core values.

  • Graphic Design

    2D and 3D Design for
    Online and Print Media

  • Coding

    Web Development, SEO
    and Site Management

  • Writing

    Technical Writing and Marketing Communications

  • Music and Video

    Composition, Production, Editing, and Presentation

Our Team

We'd like to get to know you. And vice versa.
Laura Bennett
Business Manager
Laura manages billing and bookkeeping.
Graeme Bennett
Graeme is responsible for the strategic direction of the business, as well as day-to-day operations of the company and customer care issues.
Arin Bennett
Audio and Video Production
Arin can usually be found in close proximity to a musical instrument or video camera.